“Danl’s paintings are one of the few post-impressionism works by a living artist that have increased in value over the years…. a solid investment”. Arte Magazine

by Madame Julane Biset

Danl sold his first creation, La Femme Parfaite, in 1958 to an Austrian art dealer.

La Femme Parfaite

Over a span of 55 years, Danl has created over 1500 pieces of art.

A few of his works shown on this page are available for sale. The others have either been sold or are on permanent display.

Most of his older works are produced with oil on canvas or panel.

The images you are viewing on this page have been pixelated to reduce theft. The original paintings are not affected.

Please contact Danl directly for sizes and prices. 561-419-4710 in America or 43 26 25 21 in France.

Gossamer Lady

"Creativity allows you to make mistakes
Art allows you to keep them"

Gossamer Lady originals are currently available at 1000 USD
each. 24x24 S/N limited edition
prints start at 110 USD each.

Storefronts in Paris

The Gallery Series

A look back at Danl's work.